About us

The law company has been founded by the experienced, qualified and purposeful lawyers practicing law for many years. The main legal practices chosen by the company are: complete legal assistance in starting-up and development of the business in Ukraine (corporate and economic law), anti-raider practice for protection of the business (administrative, criminal law), real property operations (legalization of unsanctioned building and houses, permits and putting into operation assistance, alienation of real property rights), complete support and legal assistance for foreign investors in Ukraine (investment law, foreigners status law), due diligence of complex projects, real property and companies, financial and credit operations (financial law, facilities, mortgages, pledges), negotiations and resolution of complex disputes (representation and court practice).

Our company is devoted to further development of legal practices and expansion of legal services provided to our clients.


Profession of a lawyer requires putting everything in question, disagreeing with everybody and constantly talks.

T. Jefferson